Pen Reviews – Coming Soon

by M.Hicks

I’ve been inspired by the most recent podcast from The Pen Addict to start writing pen reviews. In this podcast there were two review sites mentioned; The Pen Addict and Both of these blogs are very well done and have great reviews of a variety of pens and paper. Their knowledge of pens is very extensive and their collection is probably massive. For myself, I’m very new to any pens that you don’t find at your local Staples or Walmart, so my reviews will be from a beginner into the pen world.

When doing my reviews, I’m going to pick a pen and use it exclusively for an entire week before coming to conclusions. I’m a school teacher and own/operate an equine facility so these pens will be used in a variety of environments and on a variety of mediums. My ultimate goal is to find good all-around pens that are reliable in a variety of settings. My hope is that from reading my reviews someone who is an on the go type person will have more information when trying to purchase a versatile pen.