Writing Therapy

by M.Hicks

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin

Writing can be good for the soul. Notice that I said “writing” and not “good writing” or “inspirational writing” or “professional writing”. You don’t have to be a good writer to enjoy writing. The simple act of putting pen to paper can be therapeutic, make a memorable moment in your life timeless, or help you get through the most troubling of times. I also use writing to clear my mind when it’s full of thoughts, worries, to dos, prayers, and anything else bouncing around in my brain.

While there are many purposes for writing, the main reason I write is to help me sleep. This may sound odd to some but it truly works wonders. I struggle with falling asleep quickly because as soon as I lay down my mind starts going over everything I did that day and what I need to get done tomorrow. Some nights I can’t seem to stop the wheels turning for hours. To help ease my mind and get restful sleep I take a few minutes and write everything going through my head. I mean absolutely everything. I don’t worry about grammar, sentence structure, legibility, or making any sense what so ever. I just write everything that comes to mind and keep writing until my mind slows down. Soon after the writing session, I’m fast asleep. Also, when looking back at my past writings I can really see what I was going through in life on a given day and reflect on it. I try to keep all my writings just because one day my future grandchildren may find it interesting.

So my challenge to you is grab a notebook (preferably a Field Notes) and a pen and write all your thoughts down right before you go to bed. Try this out for an entire week and see how you sleep. My bet is that at least some who try this will make it a habit.